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get in the loop. the fashion loop.'s Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
get in the loop. the fashion loop.

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[02 Aug 2006|12:45am]
[ mood | i have to pee ]

woooweee!!! im sitting here right now watching 'final destination 3'. i love stupid horror movies. the last one i saw was 'motorhome masacre'. we got it on the movies on demand channel. i can't believe we paid $4 for that shit. it looked like it was filmed with a super 8 and the acting was about as good as something you would see on the college access channel. speaking of the college access channel, does anyone remember the fake documentary that they made about the gangs in fredonia?? i don't remember too much of it. what i do remember is that they asked this one gang memebr what he was packing. he was sitting there with his legs crossed all lady like and said, "oh jeez..i'm packing fudge." or something to that effect. then they showed a bouncing homie car, only to pan out and show you that there were two ther guys pushing on the rear bumper to make it bounce. good shit i tell you. maybe not. its like how i downloaded all these bands i use to like back in highschool thinking i'd still like them. they wer egood back in the day, but let me just say agent orange and sugar kind of suck. anyways.......
i might be going to syracuse on the first of the month to see ween and sonic youth at the state fair. everyone else in the city of syracuse will be spending their first of the month at aldies buying pampers or on gennesee st. buying crack. i wish the chautauqua county fair had good bands like them. instead they get bands like the moffats and the joey chitwood show. if you are lucky enough, you can even watch the tractor pull. scott and i went to the fair this year. it was his first time. you have never been to a fair until you have gone to the chautauqua county fair. they had this mexican circus with three guys on motorbikes driving around upsidedown in a 14 ft metal ball with some hot saucy latina broad standing in it high fiving them. it was actually pretty impressive seeing how if the made the slightest mistake, all four of them in the ball would have been seriously injured or killed. maybe thats they they called the ball 'the globe of death.' i won scott a shirt playing darts that said "deport pedro". we saw a ram attack a man in teh one 4-h barn and took a picture of a goat's giant sack. they are like rats on the effect that they have scrotums the size of their heads. maybe i'll post that pic later. it sounds really immature, but i gaurantee if any of you saw this goat you would have done the same.
so the days are drawing closer to moving into the new house. i can honestly say the only thing i'm seriously looking forward to is getting a puppy.
i'm drinking a 40 right now. I BET YOU ARE JEALOUS, GREG!!!! Pendejos represent!!!!!!

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why the hell am i awake? [16 Jul 2006|07:57am]
this house is so messy. i'm sick of the clutter and cigarette smell. part of me wants to stay up and clean, but another part of me says 'fuck it...i'm moving in a month. just start packing it up in boxes.' i'' probably do the latter. i'm really excited about buying a house, but i'm dreading cleaning the rugs here. they don't have anything nasty on them, but they are white carpets. any small about of mud on your shoes shows up on the carpet. blue cake frosting also shows up when dumbass cat, rommel, jumps into a birthday cake and runs across the room. he is a white kitty, so when he did this his fur got stained blue. hes on liquid antibiotics right now for a sinus infection due to his allergies. the medicine is pink. if any of you have ever tried giving a cat medicine with an eye dropper, you could imagine the pink stain around his mouth. its like he's wearing hot pink lipstick. my cat is a dragqueen.

so i'm debating whether or not i should go to bed right now or not. i just got off a double. i worked from 3pm yesterday until 7am today. surprisingly, i'm not tired. who am i trying to kid? i have such fucked up sleep problems that i probably will only sleep two hours today and then be up all night. whats on the agenda today is going out for breakfast with my parents and grammy in an hour or so and then going to gurnsey hollow cemetary later in the afternoon with tina, lisa and toad. its one of those places that is rumored to be haunted. i guess the story is that back in the day, some retarded kid got stoned to death there and her ghost haunts the place at night. eithe that or drunken highschoolers. we'll just have to see.

speaking of retards, this looks like fun.

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must not cough... [16 Jul 2006|06:13am]
i'm at work and i think my bladder is going to explode. i am the only one in the office right now so i really can't get up. when i was a kid my mom told me the reason emanuel lewis (of webster fame) was so short is because he held his pee too long and got a bladder or kidney infection. i don't get the correlation, but i sure as hell never tried to hold it back in those days.
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